Historical Clothing Style of Bihar


Historical Clothing Style of Bihar

Historical Clothing Style of Bihar

Known as Land of Buddha, Bihar is a place with a captivating Historical Clothing. Bihar has brought forth numerous learned people whose information has illuminated the world. The general population of Bihar take after its antiquated customs till date and the social legacy of the place is still especially alive. The celebrations, melodies and the outfits worn by the general population of Bihar is the mirror to its way of life and customs.

The customary dress of Bihari individuals comprises of dhoti-kurta for men and saree for ladies. The impacts of western culture have likewise influenced the lives of the general population of Bihar as western shirts and pants are getting to be well known among the both rustic and urban male populace and salwar kameez for ladies in Urban Bihar. An elderly Hindu man wants to favor a dhoti that is an Indian loin fabric, an elderly Muslim wears a lungi, sort of a slip or a pajama and on top they more often than not go for kurtas or shirts. A genuine amalgamation of East meets West.

Starting point and History

Outfits Of Bihar are known for their handwoven materials. Tussar Silk sarees still stay at the bleeding edge of the one of a kind and individualistic Bihari dressing style. Nobody can deny the way that Saree is a standout amongst the most arousing clothing of an Indian lady. The history and cause of Sari appears to return to when progress in general appeared.

Tussar Silk sarees

Confirmation discovered obviously expresses that ladies in the Indus valley human advancement used to cover themselves with a long bit of fabric hung like a pant. The prakrit word known as ‘Sattika’ said in the Early Buddhist writing got abbreviated into Sati which additionally advanced into Sari. A statue recuperated from the Indus Valley human advancement portrays a female minister wearing a material hung like a sari.

Exhibit Day Scenario

In spite of the fact that western shirts and pants are getting to be well known with the Bihari individuals, they still they get a kick out of the chance to spruce up in customary clothing. Ladies society are normally found in sarees worn in “seedha aanchal style”. In Mithila, a one of a kind piece of a man’s dress is the Paag, which is a turban whose shading symbolizes the status the men in Bihari society.

Saree has turned into a much looked for after Historical Clothing, for the ladies of India as well as for the ladies living in various parts of the world.

Occasional Dressing

Occassional dresses

For exceptional events, men in Bihar wear uniquely sewed pamper sherwanis or kurtas with churidar nightgown. As of now they depend on appealing attire with their coordinating conventional gems. Ladies too draw out their overwhelming weaved sarees which they have kept aside for exceptional events and functions and enhance them with sensational make up and gems, which is likewise an indication of thriving.


Saree, the conventional Historical Clothing of a Bihari lady is accessible in extensive variety of hues, textures and outlines. As indicated by one’s decision one can simply get a saree worn on uncommon events or for typical wear. There are additionally a wide range of ways a sari can be worn.

A method for hanging a sari varies from place to put. Since old time’s sari has been worn with various styles and till now numerous new styles are being explored different avenues regarding. In any case, it is just in present day times that the fundamental parts of the Sari-that are the pullover and the slip are persisted.



Chandrahar, Tilri, Panchlari, Satlari and Sikri are the basic extras that a Bihari ladies embellish themselves with. These ladies are extremely enthusiastic about gems. The prevalent decorations are bangles,rings for hands and anklets. It is likewise fascinating to take note of that men in Bihar additionally possess an inclination for adornments. They prepare themselves with bala or bali (bangles) in Shahabads, Patna and Gaya. The beaded accessories are another pattern that is on rise nowadays.

Worldwide Wearability

Sari is a world well known Historical Clothing now. One can decide on this clothing whenever to look elegant and sexy on any event. It is the ideal piece of clothing to upgrade the wonderful bends of a lady. Salwar Kameez is likewise the most agreeable customary clothing numerous Indian ladies still wear. Indeed, even the conventional dress of Bihari men, i.e Dhoti is worn wherever on the planet yet is known by various names.


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