Home News Muslims missing from voters’ rundown in 2 T Assembly fragments

Muslims missing from voters’ rundown in 2 T Assembly fragments

Muslims missing from voters' rundown in 2 T Assembly fragments

Muslims missing from voters’ rundown in 2 T Assembly fragments

Two Assembly electorates in Telangana show a disturbing number of Muslims missing from voters’ rundown.

As per a primer irregular review completed by a NGO, around 49.3% Muslims are absent from the voters’ rundown in Armur fragment in Nizamabad locale and 43.6% in Siddipet, Medak region.

Dr Amir Ullah Khan, a prestigious analyst being developed financial aspects, said that to get to the base of the issue identified with missing voters, a far reaching study must be completed. It should be possible with the help of the Election Commission, state government and deliberate associations. “It creates the impression that in all expresses, the quantities of missing Muslim and different voters are tremendous. This is especially noteworthy if there should arise an occurrence of Muslim voters. This is an alternate sort of disappointment that can be rectified to a huge degree if the EC and NGOs cooperate,” he said.

Khan alongside Abusaleh Shariff, secretary of now-broke up Sachar council, Gautam Pingle, senior member of research at the Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad, and Khalid Saifullah, an exploration relate, held a gathering with a large group of social specialists and NGOs in the city two days prior to talk about the likelihood of completing an across the nation review to adjust the appointive rundown. The evaluated cost of this study could be about Rs 80 lakh.

Khan said a comparative exercise was done in Karnataka by Delhi-based Center For Research And Debates in Development Policy (CRDDP), headed by Shariff, two or three months previously the decisions in May. Accordingly, the Center could get around 12 lakh new voters enrolled, of which around seven lakh were Muslims. The gathering got bolster from two ex-CECs Navin Chawla and SY Qureshi.

Saifullah said that CRDDP had changed its exploration display following its encounters in Karnataka. “We are prepared for any new errand,” he said.

Khan said that the example of missing voters is comparable in Telangana, AP, Kerala, Rajasthan and Bihar. “We might want to take up Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh first as these will go to surveys soon,” he included.

The second gathering of the gathering will be held in Hyderabad in around two weeks, he included.



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