The Most Popular Sports played in Bihar

The Most Popular Sports played in Bihar

The Most Popular Sports played in Bihar

Bihar known for its verifiable inheritance and academic magnificence likewise not falls behind in the field of Sports. The state has delivered numerous capable game people and competitors who made the country pleased. This state is well known for its nearby levels sports exercises as much as should be obvious its commitments in the national amusements and games. Regardless of it is possible that it is customary games like kabaddi, gulli danda and different other territorial amusements to boxing, cricket, hockey, volleyball and football , this state has constantly upheld sports exercises to engage its childhood in accomplishing wellness level and guaranteeing solid and brilliant future.

The ensuing governments have constantly made it a point to help diversions and games exercises in Bihar. Youth strengthening branch of Bihar state guarantees that while keeping up state’s way of life through supporting that in all levels the legislature should likewise approach to offer stimulus to different recreations and games exercises. The state organization has been concentrating definitely on present day recreations which can get radiance to state general and country specifically.

Directorate of Youth Welfare and Sports

Youth Welfare

State Government of Bihar has been finding a way to make best stage for the young people strengthening. Most eminent advance in such manner was foundation of Directorate of Youth Welfare and Sports Department to manage issues identified with young people’s strengthening and to offer them extraordinary compared to other stages to prepare on state, national and worldwide levels. With its group of very complementing officers and bolster staffs, the Directorate encourages a few essential administrations from observing state’s Sports Authority Organizations to general help by awards and boosting the confidence of sports persons in the state. It is one of the quick creating youth situated association to indicate new statures to the adolescent network and acquire progressive change the express whose young people as fate of the country are constantly betokened for make noteworthy commitment. The directorate is in charge of arranging different donning occasions and competitions including:

  • Bihar State Subrato Cup Football Tournament
  • Bihar State Major Dhyan Chand Hockey Tournament
  • Bihar State School Tournament
  • PYKKA Sports
  • Ladies’ Sports

Aside from these there are likewise welfare stores for boosting the confidence of games individual in the state. Snap here to find out about the parts and duties of the office.

Bihar Sports Council

Bihar Sports Council

Albeit numerous customary nearby and national games and amusements were well known in Bihar state since a few centuries however the state didn’t have any composed Sports Council up to this point. Such absence of interests from the specialists had made it about unthinkable for sports direction for quite a few years. The sooner it was acknowledged by the administration and requirement for the development of a Sports Council was viewed as obligatory, it was framed. Bihar State Sports Council was in this manner shaped under the Bihar Sports Act 2013. It has just begun acquiring exceptional change the general public with an ethical lift to state’s games part. It presently assumes critical part to advance games with exhaustive straightforwardness. It has made ready for state’s Sports bodies to get enabled and compose a wide range of games exercises.

Recently shaped Bihar State Sports Council is a peak body in the state to screen a wide range of games occasions as is it answerable to control state’s Sports Federations and units. Chamber makes it compulsory for every such body to get them enlisted with it for their straightforward working under government arrangement of control over the games exercises. Region Sports Councils set in all area’ consider the nearby level games exercises and answer to the home office of State Sports Council for better working. This board isn’t particular for a specific game. All games go under it for compelling control. State Council assumes vital part for the portrayal of Bihar state at all National Level rivalries hung on normal interims.

Framework for Sports in Bihar

Bihar has begun its state level Sports Council in the ongoing years. State’s bureau of game and youth undertakings are examining the framework of different states and nations to build up its own particular and turn wears best in the nation. A few critical activities have just been taken through creating stadiums and encouraging awards and fiscal help to the meriting sports individual. The leagues working for this reason additionally prescribe decorations and declarations to fruitful players and furnish best of framework to them with a situation to build up their athletic abilities.

Famous Sports in Bihar

Bihar is one of the conditions of India where national amusements like cricket, hockey, football and volleyball et al are normal. This state has additionally picked up acknowledgment through advancing carom, chess and numerous indoor recreations. Of equivalent significance are the recreations like Kabaddi and territorial diversions that have their claims to fame in the state and stay well known among the majority.

Cricket in Bihar

Cricket in Bihar

Cricket in Bihar Cricket is a standout amongst the most famous amusements played in Bihar. There are different relationship to advance this famous recreations. The Bihar cricket group was one of the most seasoned cricket group in India and spoke to the state in the Ranji Trophy from 1936-37. In 2003-04 it was prevailing by the Jharkhand cricket group. The world celebrated Indian chief Mahendra Singh Dhoni was incorporated into the Bihar U-19 squad for the 1998/99 season and made his Ranji Trophy make a big appearance for Bihar in the 1999– 2000 season. Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) functions as a checking body to investigate different sorts of cricket related exercises in the state and particularly prep and deal with state’s cricket group for state, national and worldwide parts. BCA has its alliance with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and remains its partner part as an administering body. Previous cricketer and current lawmaker Kirti Azad framed the Association of Bihar Cricket (ABC) as of late. This cricket board isn’t subsidiary with the administering body particularly the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and is in its early stages organize. A couple of gathering individuals from existing of Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) went separate ways from the parent gathering and built up their own cricket board named Cricket Association of Bihar (CAB) in the ongoing years. This board confronted legitimate issues with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in late 2013 because of specific issues of irreconcilable situation. The Cricket Academy of Bihar at the Southern premises of the Moinul Haq Stadium, Patna is pioneer in giving cricket playing abilities to the young of Bihar. The primary point of the institute is to tap the possibilities of the growing sportsperson in the state.

Football in Bihar

Kabaddi in Bihar

Bihar state has its own football group that partakes in state and between state level rivalries. This group speaks to Bihar state in the Santosh Trophy and keeps up its nearby level wins. At this point no Santosh trophy matches have been won by this group. Bihar Football Association cares for the administration of football in the state. It intends to make the base for quality sports in the district.

Bihar Football Association

Hussain Road, Pather ki Masjid, Patna – 800 006


Fax: 0612-2669501

Kabaddi in Bihar

Kabaddi in Bihar

Bihar state level Kabaddi Team is named Patna Pirates. Based to the capital city of Patna, this group effectively plays for Pro Kabaddi League in the state. Under the captaincy of Rakesh Kumar, this group is claimed by Rajesh Shah as is it trained by popular Kabaddi player R S Khokhar. This group has its customary nearness in the Kankarbagh Indoor Stadium and takes an interest in different locally situated matches in the state.

Games Venues in Bihar

Bihar state has organized games in its motivation to advance it for national and global acknowledgment of the state. Keeping in view such essential components to bring the state into worldwide spotlight through games neighborly activities, the successive governments have found a way to encourage best decisions to advance games. Nearness of prestigious stadiums demonstrate how definitely Bihar has advanced to advance and advance games. A portion of the acclaimed stadiums of Bihar are recorded underneath:-

Patliputra Sports Complex situated in Kankarbagh zone of Patna, is a multi-reason stadium in Bihar. Initiated on March 1, 2012 it saw the facilitating of the principal Women World Cup Kabaddi Championship in which 16 nations partook.

Patliputra Sports Complex

Patliputra Sports Complex

The multipurpose stadium Patliputra Sports Complex spreads more than 16 sections of land. It was worked in the Kankarbagh region of Bihar’s state capital city, Patna on March 01, 2012 and was prior renowned as Kankarbagh Sports complex until the point when renamed to Patliputra Sports Complex as of late. Striking games occasion held in this complex was the first World Cup Kabaddi Championship for Women after its foundation. It had 16 nations’ cooperation and was a uber occasion of the year. Fruitful culmination of first Women’s World Cup Kabbaddi Championship in India in 2012 had brought the complex into worldwide spotlight. It was trailed by All India Federation Cup Wrestling Tournament in March month of 2012 as was 31st National Taekwondo Championship held in December same year. Such globally perceived occasions held after its initiation promoted it excessively. The indoor stadium of this games complex sorted out seventeenth All India Postal Carrom Tournament as of late which turned into a renowned occasion.

Directorate of Youth Welfare and Sports and Bihar State Sports Authority claim and deal with this games complex in the limit of sole proprietor to design and arrange various games occasions. State sports experts contributed around Rupees 19.98 Crores for its development.

This cutting edge best in class sports complex keeps up different games offices to make it simple for indoor and outside diversions held frequently. This games complex has a few plans from a 400-meter competitor track to swimming pool. It can without much of a stretch suit 200 sportsperson at one go as is the sitting game plan for roughly 40,000 onlookers in open air stadium. This complex can suit 35000 onlookers in indoor stadium. At exhibit the games complex encourage amusements from football to hockey, kabaddi, table tennis, carrom, swimming, wrestling and taekwondo among others. Specialists have wanted to set up an exercise center inside it. Each of the four wings of this games complex are Outdoor, Indoor, Coach Area and Hostel Area. With 227-room inn office, this complex gives best office to mentor trainings.

Patliputra Sports Complex

Address: P C Colony, Kankarbagh, Patna – 800020

Ph.: +(91)- 612-2660212

Basawan Singh Indoor Stadium

Basawan Singh Indoor Stadium

Basawan Singh Indoor stadium or Swatantrata Senani Basawan Singh Indoor Stadium is one of the significant games edifices in the province of Bihar situated at Hajipur. This open indoor stadium composes different games occasions on normal premise.

Address: Yadav chowk, Cinema street, Hajipur, Bihar

Moin-ul-Haq Stadium, Patna

Moin-ul-Haq Stadium, Patna

Moin-ul-Haq Stadium in Bihar capital Patna is one of the renowned points of interest in city. Bihar Cricket Association is the official proprietor of this stadium which came into universal spotlight in the year 1996 when this stadium was facilitated two One Day International (ODI) matches of 1996 Cricket World Cup. With its ability to oblige 25000 observers, this stadium stays one of the greatest games stadiums in Bihar. Until the point when 1970 this stadium was Rajendra Nagar Stadium. It was renamed to Moin-ul-Haq Stadium after the then Indian Olympic Association (IOA) general Secretary kicked the bucket and the stadium was devoted to him. Moin-ul-Haq was a games symbol and brought Indian into worldwide spotlight. He was nation’s culinary expert de-mission of 1948 Indian Olympic unforeseen in London and additionally in 1952 to Helsinki. His momentous commitments are perceived through this games complex. Moin-ul-Haq Stadium additionally suits a cricket foundation other than a swimming pool other than its “Turf” pitch of worldwide standard.

Address: Rajendra Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800016

Patna Golf Club

Patna Golf Club

Set up on March 21, 1916 by the then Governor of Bihar, Steuart Bayley, Patna Golf Club is going to finish its 100th centennial. The exclusive Gold Club has add up to 18 holes. At this point the club has composed a few outstanding competitions that incorporate Basant Utsav, Captain’s Day, Heat and Dust Golf Tournament, Sawan Cup and Patna Open among others.

At the point when the Club was set up, its unique land proprietor was then Bihar and Orissa governments. The South Bihar Gymkhana Club rented the land to set up this Golf Club at the season of its foundation. It remained a popular Golf Club after development and it consequently facilitated various national titles in that period.

Address : Patna Golf Club,

Bailey Road,Patna, Bihar

Contact No.: 9234899643



Taekwondo in Bihar

Taekwondo in Bihar

Taekwondo in Bihar, Bihar doesn’t slack with regards to advancing universally acclaimed games and antiquated recreations. The state capital has its own Bihar Taekwondo Association to advance the Korean hand to hand fighting in this area. State’s Taekwondo Association capacities with prepared and exceptionally proficient mentors to manage the youthful age in this old military craftsmanship. Patna based Bihar Taekwondo Association is exceptional session of consolidating battle and self-preservation systems which competitors think about best type of game. Similarly does it stay significant practicing choice. Satiate’s Taekwondo Association helps to remember the Korean authority of this diversion amid 1940’s that was an awesome advancement through joining Okinawan karate, Chinese hand to hand fighting, and antiquated Korean customs taekkyeon and gwonbeop to build up another athletic pattern. Bihar Taekwondo Association advances this amusement and urges students to know different unarmed battle methods which this games offers for self-preservation. As it has turned out to be one of the universally recognized games, individuals visit the inside to learn it and its different adroit applications. This special games assist competitors with learning numerous punching, hopping kicking, blocking; avoiding and repelling activities that too with negligible hands and feet and without utilizing any arms. The Association gives extraordinary spotlight on the guidance of the new age for physical battling aptitudes and in particular to create strict stickler viewpoints in life that applies preparing of body and in addition mind. It similarly upgrades body and mind abilities and is in this manner extreme good character improvement device for the learners.Today, Bihar Taekwondo Association is pushing forward by a wide margin to sustain youthful ages. It offers extreme stage to the youths as much as it bolsters the old athletic pattern in the territory of Bihar whose games culture outperforms others.

Bihar Taekwondo Association

Address: – Opp. Ambedkar Community Hall,

Rajendra Nagar, Patna-800 016.

Telephone +91 612 3265456


Swarm.- +91 9334715690

Renowned Sports persons of Bihar

Bihar has delivered a few VIP sports persons throughout the decades. The vast majority of them have officially accomplished global acknowledgments. Speaking to different games classes these identities are motivations for the new age sports persons. Here is a look on the lives of Bihar’s popular sports persons.

Kirtivardhan Bhagwat Jha Azad

Kirtivardhan Bhagwat Jha Azad-Sports Person

Sportpersons in BiharKirtivardhan Bhagwat Jha Azad, broadly known Kirti Azad, has stayed one of the eminent right-gave batsman’s of national notoriety. With right-arm off break knocking down some pins style, Azad accomplished national and universal acknowledgment in cricket and brought glad minutes for the nation. His Test make a big appearance was on 21 February 1981 while his ODI make a big appearance was on 6 December 1980. He remained a dynamic cricketer from 1980 to 1986 and played in 25 ODIs and 7 Test matches amid that period.This right gave batsman and quickish off spinner was conceived in the prosperous group of government official Bhagwat Jha Azad, previous Chief Minister of Bihar state. He was a piece of the Indian Cricket group of 1983 when India won that year’s World Cup. He exited cricket and joined governmental issues and has been picked as Member of Parliament for the third time as of late.

Syed Saba Karim

Syed Saba Karim-Sports Person

Bihar sports persons Syed Saba Karim is one of the profoundly proficient and centered cricket players of India conceived in Bihar state. He joined cricket in 1982-83 subsequent to finishing school training in a rumored school in Patna as a lesser player. Exhibitions of Syed Saba Karim in 1990-91 Ranji Trophy heightened his entrance onto the national level cricket group. He has given uncommon exhibitions amid his profession of a cricket player. He was named East Zone Cricket Board’s national selector in the year 2012.

Subroto Banerjee

Subroto Banerjee-Sports Person

Previous Indian cricket player, Subroto Banerjee was known for his right-gave doing combating and right-arm medium-quick playing style. He stayed dynamic in Indian cricket from 1991 to 1992 and played in one Test other than 6 ODI’s. His exhibitions were acknowledged in the 1992 World Cup amid which he was one of the players of Indian cricket group.

Kavita Roy

Kavita Roy, additionally nicknamed Polly, is one of the exceedingly proficient and capable ladies cricketers with right-hand bat and right-arm medium pace style. Her captain-ship make a big appearance in ODI in 2000 against Sri Lanka was one of the striking exhibitions.

Rashmi Kumari

rashmi kumari- Sports person

Indoor Games in Bihar International Carom Champion, Rashmi Kumari has influenced the Bihar to state glad through her immaculate exhibitions in this amusement. She has been playing carom as a national player since 1992 and at this point her appearance in different competitions has made her well known. She was a piece of sub-junior competition in 1997 and afterward she progressed toward becoming individual from the lesser national at Faridabad in 2000 preceding her exhibitions in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 in the senior national recreations. Her global exhibitions incorporate wins in sixth World Carom Championship in 2012 at Sri-Lanka and recreations of 2006, 2011 and 2013 at Sri Lanka, Maldives and home nation, India among others. Her support in second, third and fifth Asian Carom Championship in 2007,2009 and 2013 in Pune, Raipur and Kolkata stayed recognizable. She has even been granted numerous national and state level honors in the limited ability to focus her profession.

Shivnath Singh

Popular for being one of only a handful couple of famous Indian long-separate sprinters who achieving worldwide acknowledgment, Shivnath Singh made the nation glad with his commitments. His investment in the Asian Games and dynamic support in Summer Olympics in 1976 and 1980 have promoted him in the nation and around the globe. He had been set on eleventh position in the Men’s marathon of 1976 Olympic Games. He had his entrance in the 1980 Olympic Men’s Marathon in Moscow however couldn’t complete it. Having record of best marathon time (2:12:00) accomplishment accomplished in Jalandhar in 1978, Shivnath Singh ran shoeless for the entire vocation and made qualification for himself.

Experience Sports in Bihar

The territory of Bihar claims for the most part fields subsequently there stays minimum open door for enterprise sports. Such was the reason that the state government had not set out toward any such solid advance up to this point. Just as of late a thought was planned to create and advance experience sports exercises in the locale. Keeping in view such plans the back to back state governments have advanced some enterprise dons that included boating and mountaineering. The scene decided for this unique reason for existing is at the Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) timberland zone of Bihar that keeps up best eco-tourism and atmosphere. It is viewed as an ideal area for such recreations. A couple of such activities are in the pipeline to advance enterprise sports in this state. The games that will look for consideration of games darlings around there are drifting, boating and mountaineering among others.

Water Sports in Bihar

Bihar organization has taken activities in the ongoing past to make the state more experience wears well disposed. The legislature in this way presented its fantasy task of “Enterprise Water Sports Facility” at Ganga River to make ready for the presentation of different kinds of water sports in the famous waterway. The water sports office has been arranged at Ganga River in Patna which is situated at its bank. The double motivation behind propelling such undertaking in the state capital is to guarantee that the venture finishes in its stipulated time and in particular the guests discover better choices to include in the various enterprise sports including water sports office at the Gandhi Ghat Patna. It has been intended to create in accordance with those in different parts of the nation like the celebrated surface water aquatics of Goa, Pondicherry, Maharashtra and Karnataka among others. Proposed water sports office is certainly going to encourage idealize alternatives to the Patna guests to include in such remarkable experience sports. It will be an extraordinary wellspring of eco-tourism also. The proposed attractions of water sports in Patna are accessibility of Jet skiing bicycles; water pontoons; tow able inflatable elastic pontoons and oxygen-filled water balls among others. Such proposed formative activities will have a major effect in the territory of Bihar through a lift to assortment of games exercises.


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